Italian Gelato

Italian Deli and Italian Gelato in Camden

When you hear Italians would skip their main meal to swap it with a nutritious and delicious gelato, you know it must be something truly special. If you’re wanting to see what the hype is about at a location near

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Casa tua pasta bolognese recipe

How to Make Pasta Bolognese: Authentic Italian Recipe

Pasta Bolognese is one of the most famous Italian dishes, known and truly loved by many world-wide. It’s a dish that comes with a lot of debate due to it’s origin. In this blog post we will unravel the mystery

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Benefits of Eating Fresh Pasta

Benefits of Eating Fresh Pasta from Italian Restaurants

The word “Mediterranean diet” has traditionally been linked with stability and better health, so it’s no surprise that the Italian way of life is healthy. Italians take their food very seriously.

One of the best and most authentic Italian restaurants

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Best Italian Pizza

Best Italian Pizza – Welcome to Casa Tua

Italian pizza is definitely one of the most coveted meals out there. In recent years, it has been able to reach almost all the far ends of the earth because of its delicious taste and unique texture. But an authentic …

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italian restaurant in camden

The Best Italian Restaurant In Camden

Italian food is quite popular in London – and for good reason! Not only are Italian dishes known for being delicious, but Italian cuisine generally tends to be very healthy, being prepared with nutritious, organic ingredients such as olive oil,

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Tonnarelli All'amatriciana Casa Tua

Homemade Italian Pasta: The Best You’ll Ever Eat

Homemade Italian pasta is one of the many wonderful dishes Casa Tua restaurants are known for!

Our  lunch/dinner menu consists of delicious Italian cuisine like pasta. Pasta is traditionally made from flour, egg or potato, and on occasion, coloured using …

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The Best Food in Camden

Our Guide to Getting the Best Food in Camden

Looking for the best food in Camden? If you live in or have ever been to Camden, you are likely to know that this bustling area has a wide range of places to find food from all around the world. …

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Italian Takeaway-Your Favourite Cuisine To Your Doorstep

A lot can be said about Italian cuisine, but most people will surely agree that it is one of the most delicious out there. Its appealing texture and mouth-watering taste certainly explain why it has been able to travel …

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Italian Cuisine

Italian restaurant- What Makes Italian Cuisine So Special

Italy is famous for its contribution to the fashion industry, its touristic sites, the opera, its iconic painters but most importantly, its cuisine. Italian cuisine is probably one of the best in the world as evidenced by the significant number …

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Best King’s Cross Brunch

The Best King’s Cross Brunch: Casa Tua

If you work or live in the King’s Cross area, or are planning a visit sometime soon, you might be wondering where to find the best King’s Cross brunch. For anyone who has ever visited us, the answer is likely …

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