Let the aromas and flavors whisk you to the best coffee shop in Camden Town and King’s Cross!

While fresh pasta and splendid wines take center stage, showcasing the true essence of Italian cuisine. But that’s not all, our love for everything authentic ensures a complete Italian experience for you!

If you are looking for good coffee near King’s Cross, visit us and sip on expertly crafted espressos, lattes, and Cappuccinos that will awaken your senses. But that’s just the beginning! Our mouth-watering desserts will captivate your taste buds, and satisfy your sweet cravings. 

For a refreshing twist, you can also quench your thirst with our refreshing and nourishing juices made with fresh ingredients.

Crazy for Coffee

coffee at casa tua

A carefully selected blend of both robusta and arabica beans to ensure a taste of Italy in each and every cup. Toasted by a Sicilian family who keeps the tradition and passion of generations by handpicking their coffee to ensure a high quality of coffee.

At our coffee shop in Camden Town and King’s Cross, we take coffee craftsmanship to new heights. Our passion to deliver an authentic taste of Italy is evident in every cup we serve. We meticulously select a unique blend of both robusta and arabica beans, to create a harmony of flavors and virtually transport you to Italy.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the roasting process. We entrust this process to a Sicilian family, who upholds the generations of tradition. Handpicking the finest quality coffee beans, they toast each batch to precision.

Kings Cross Italian Restaurant



Whether you are hosting a get-together, celebrating a birthday party, or simply craving a sweet treat, we take pride in serving you the finest desserts, prepared fresh every morning by our skilled chef. From the first bite to the last, each dessert is a symphony of flavors. Come experience the timeless delights, we are sure it will leave you craving for more. And if you are in need of a comforting cup of coffee from the best shop in Camden Town to start your day, then our doors are always open!

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Vanilla Ice Cream

served with toasted hazlenuts, wafer stick

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Casa Tua Sorbet

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Cake of the Day

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Homemade Tiramisu

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Affogato al Caffe

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Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream

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Pistacchio Gnocchi

Gooey Pistacchio filled Gnocchi, Vanilla ice cream, Chocolate and Hazelnut paste

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Chocolate Pasticcio and Ice Cream

Traditional short pastry filled with chocolate served with vanilla ice cream

Freshly Squeezed Juices

  • ACE - Orange, Carrot & Ginger
  • GREEN DETOX- Apple, Spinach, Spirulina & Banana
Our refreshing juices are a perfect choice for those people seeking a healthier option. Bursting with natural goodness and vibrant flavors of fresh orange and unique blends like Ace and Green Detox- you can experience a rejuvenating sip that nourishes from within.
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