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Delizie a full immersion of Taste

Casa Tua Delizie is a Fine Italian delicatessen with the greatest sensory show, a wonderland of sights, sounds and especially smells. A selection of shelves products and speciality items maybe you’ve not heard of much as wines ? that show expression of their vineyard, displaying a sense of provenance, authenticity and quality, our award-winning homemade bronze die pasta ?, artisan Italian Gelato ? and Italian Pasticceria ?for all the sweet cravings and fresh sandwiches using a selection of ? cheeses, natural preserved vegetable and cured meat ? from artisanal producers around Italy that enhance the authenticity of their traditional products.

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Italian Gelato - Icecream

Did you say Gelato? We make the best Italian Ice Cream at Casa Tua!

This traditional dessert is often referred to as Italian-style ice cream, however, there are distinct differences between the two. As with ice cream, the base for gelato is made with milk, cream, eggs, and sugar, to which fruit purees, nuts, fruit, or other various flavourings are later added.

However, what differentiates gelato from ice cream is the lower percentage of fat and the slow mixing process. These two factors result in less air being added to the base, giving gelato a denser texture and making its flavours more concentrated. Due to its thickness, gelato is usually stored at a lower temperature than traditional ice cream in order to provide the perfect level of creaminess and a silky finish, the essential characteristics of every gelato.

Undoubtedly, this frozen treat is an authentic Italian creation

Price from £4.50

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At Casa Tua Delizie we wake up every morning at 4 A.M. to make the best sourdough bread ready for you every day. You can also find a nice selection of panini bread to buy empty or to pair with a great Mortadella or Prosciutto di Parma.

We also have a great selection of patisserie made every day for you.

We are open for eat-in and takeaway, office and home delivery. You can also find us on UberEats.

Services by Booking:

  • Fresh sourdough Bread
  • Birthday Cake
  • Italian Pasticceria and selection of Italian biscuits
  • Sicilian Cannoli filled with selections of sweet ricotta
  • Taralli Pugliesi
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Wine Bar

Love Italian wines? Love charcuterie? Why not come along to your special food experience charcuterie and wine matching where you can enjoy the best Italian cured meat, cheeses and fine wines.

 You will be exploring a range of delicious cured meats and matching them with some delicious wines from Italy. 

You can then buy your favourite fine wines to enjoy at home!

Services by Booking:

  • Cheese, Charcuterie and Wine Pairing 
  • Private food and wine Italian experience for 6+ guests (on pre-booking only)
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Italian Food/Grocery Shop

If you’re looking for delicious, authentic, quality Italian produce imported from Italy, you’re in the right place! 

What you can find:

Selection of Antipasti, Italian Biscuits, Fresh homemade Pasta, Italian Drinks, Charcuterie, Italian selection of cured meat, Italian selection of cheeses, Desserts and so on…

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Pasta Shop

With a great range of different homemade pastas available every day you can create your own dish or pair it with a selection of butter, sauces and our Apulian organic extra virgin olive oil to make a nice lunch or dinner for all your family. 

Visit us in-store, call or check on Uber Eat to find the best Pasta for you.

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Sandwich Shop

Italy is one of the great sandwich nations of the world. A leader in cured meats, salami, and cheeses, the country is a hotbed of sandwich innovation, yet it is the classic panini that remains the most essential.

Meat lover? Vegetarian? Dairy enthusiast? We have something for everyone. We offer a great range of paninis from Porchetta di Ariccia and classic Parma Ham to great vegetarian solutions.

At Casa Tua Delizie we highlight the quality of the Italian ingredients and the special attention that we give to combining just the right flavours for a fabulous end result.

You can choose your Panino from our list or make your own sandwich by choosing the products from our display.

PRICE: from £7.50

Fantastic Italian Deli selling everything from delicious ice creams and pastries to antipasti, fresh pasta and wine. Just like the restaurant a few doors down, the people are really lovely. Absolutely worth a visit!
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Address; 170 Royal College St, London NW1 0SP.

Phone: ‎+44 20 34173443

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Delizie Services by Booking & More

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Private food and wine Italian experience for 6+ guests (on pre-booking only)

Our cheese & fine wines are waiting for you at Casa Tua Delizie. We will treat you with a selection of sophisticated cheeses & wines sourced from some of the best farms and vineyards across Italy.

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Cheese, Charcuterie and Wine Pairing

Enjoy a delicious Italian cheese and charcuterie platter in the heart of Camden paired with fine Italian wines)

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Italian Pasticceria and selection of Italian biscuits

We offer a wide choice of Italian desserts, from Rum Babba’, profiterols, cantucci, aragostine filled with chocolate or vanilla cream, pistachio biscuits and many more made every day for you.

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Fresh sourdough Bread

At Casa Tua Delizie we wake up every morning at 4 A.M. to make the best sourdough bread ready for you every day.  You can also find a nice selection of panini bread.

PRICE: £4.20

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Birthday Cake

We can make your tailor-made cake for your birthday or for any events you need it. Just pop in our store or call us to pre-book your Special Cake (vegan cake also on pre-order only)

PRICE:  from £25