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Try at Home and unique and amazing Italian Flavour ordering with Us.
Call Us and get access to our amazing Trays, fresh Hand-turned Pasta or any meal from our menu.
Trays (4 ppl/6 ppl)
  • Lasagna Tray £38/£50
  • Parmigiana Tray £38/£50
  • Arancini Tray £35/£45
  • Polpette (Lamb Meatball) Tray £38/£45
  • Homemade Tiramisu £35/£45
Fresh Pasta (100g)
  • Fresh Sagne Ricce £2.30
  • Fresh Maccharoncini £2.30
  • Fresh Tortellini £2.30
  • Fresh Paccheri £2.30
  • Fresh stuffed pasta 100gr at £2.85
  • Burratina £3.50 each

Call Us and Place an Order

Camden: 020 8127 0460
King’s Cross: 020 7833 1483

Delizie Camden: 020 34173443

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Lasagna Tray

Daily handmade egg pasta sheets, a tasty Bolognese sauce (8h slow-cooked), grated cheese, and béchamel sauce

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Parmigiana Tray

Sliced ​​and fried aubergines, alternating with grated parmesan and tomato sauce and baked in the oven.

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Arancini Tray

Rice Balls, wild mushrooms and truffles

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Polpette (Lamb Meatball) Tray

Homemade lamb meatballs served with tomato sauce

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Fresh Pasta

Varied types of daily hand-turned pasta made with only the best ingredients

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Homemade Tiramisu

Semifreddo on sponge cake soaked in coffee and stuffed with mascarpone mixed with eggs, sugar and whipped cream, covered with cacao

Simple yet spectacular! The pasta dishes were outrageously good. My (no cream) carbonara was beautifully "creamy", made with egg and cheese. The slow-cooked bolognese was bursting with flavour. It is a small atmospheric space, made relaxing and welcoming by soft lounge music and the ever-friendly owner, Giuseppe.
Sacha Nathan