When you hear Italians would skip their main meal to swap it with a nutritious and delicious gelato, you know it must be something truly special. If you’re wanting to see what the hype is about at a location near you in Camden, London, then make sure you pop by Casa Tua Delizie.


Gelato is every Italian person’s pride and joy, a frozen dessert that is literally translated to “Ice Cream” but is so much more than that! In fact, there’s a huge difference between Gelato and Ice-cream, and we’ll tell you all about it. But first, let’s find out who we have to thank for the magic dessert that is Gelato!


History of Gelato

The incredible person behind the origin of Gelato is an Italian chef named Francesco Procopio Dei Coltelli.


The chef moved from Italy to France and opened a café in Paris, named Café Procope, in the 1600s. This café is where gelato originated from. First, it got remarkable attention for the delicious taste and unique delicacy in Paris. Then the popularity spread across the whole of Europe. Where would we be without him?


How is Gelato Different from Ice Cream?

Unlike a popular misconception, gelato is not ice cream!


Here are a few key differences that make Gelato from Casa Tua Delizie so heavenly and much better compared to standard ice-cream.


– The reason why Gelato is ultra-creamy is due to the temperature. Gelato is served between  -13 and –15  degrees, while ice cream is at 5 – 10 degrees F, making it smoother and softer.

– The preservation method for Gelato is carapina containers because these can best maintain the taste and flavorings.

– Gelato as Casa Tua Delizie is made with only with natural flavours and ingredients.


The conclusion is that Gelato is more nutritious and more delicious compared to ice cream. Now the question is, would you join us Italians and replace a main meal for it? 


Where to Find the Best Gelato in Camden?


If you are from Camden, London, searching for the most authentic Gelato that can instantly make you feel like you are in Café Procope in Paris where it all started, it is Casa Tua Delizie. Let us show you what real Gelato is about! 


Choose from a range of flavours which are produced by using simply the best ingredients, from Chocolate, Strawberry, Madagascar Vanilla, Coffee to Pistachio Di Brontë ( with a recipe that comes straight from Sicily )! Vegans, don’t worry, we have you covered too with our vegan range.


Come and join us and find out why we always #KeepSmiling at Casa Tua Delizie, because why wouldn’t you when you have access to the best Gelato in Camden!