Casa Tua King’s Cross is the 2nd restaurant to have opened in June 2016, tucked away in the cosy streets of North London, it’s the perfect home away from home in the hustle and bustle of King’s Cross. Casa Tua Kings Cross offers the perfect place for all day dining with indoor and outdoor terrace seating.

Party and event booking are available upon enquiry with a full basement floor capacity in King’s Cross.


Casa Tua offers all day dining daily from 9am to 11pm (Camden) & 10pm (KX). The menu includes breakfast, brunch, pasta, lunch and dinner dishes just how you would have it in Southern Italy.

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Italian Cuisine
italian man
italian salad
Italian restaurant wine collection
italian art
coffee mug
croissant and coffee
italian decorations
lunch for one
delicious italian food
outside lunch
italian food for lunch
Brunch Seasoned
Breakfast And Coffee
Italian Food at Brunch
Brunch Sandwich
Chef Making Pasta
Homemade Pasta
Italian Bread
Bread Starter
Bruschetta Shared
Bruschetta Brunch
Bruschetta Meal
Wine Pouring
Lasagne Meal
Pouring Drinks
Working At The Bar
Drinks At The Bar
Squid Dinner
Fresh Squid
Grilled Ciabatte
Squid Dish
Outdoors Lunch
Linguine Served
Linguine For Three
Ribbon Pasta
Lunchtime Linguine
Afternoon Linguine
Delicious Linguine
Tasty Mussels
Italian Chef
Award Winning Restaurant
Meatball Prep
Bolognese Recipe
Bolognese Dish
Bolognese Meal
Linguine Meal
Linguine Pasta
Best Mussels
Mussels delicacy
Lunch for three
Italian Restaurant Dinner for two
Mussels meal
Squid meal