Homemade Italian pasta is one of the many wonderful dishes Casa Tua restaurants are known for!

Our  lunch/dinner menu consists of delicious Italian cuisine like pasta. Pasta is traditionally made from flour, egg or potato, and on occasion, coloured using squid ink. Here at Casa Tua, we make maccheroncini, spaghetti, squid ink pasta, gnocchi, tortelloni, etc.,with delectable sauces that will make your taste buds very happy.

Our highly skilled and talented chefs prepare dishes using fresh & organic produce for all our customers. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, etc., we at Casa Tua will always be able to feed you a 4-course meal at any time of week.

Homemade Italian pasta continuously tests the skills of chefs and cooks all across the world. This is because the weather dictates the dough. It takes years of practice to perfect the process of dough-making and preparing the variety of pasta with the right consistency. Like we mentioned earlier, there are different types of dough which are unique to the different regions of Italy.

Certain pasta can only be made in-house like gnocchi. Gnocchi is a variety of pasta that uses potato mixed with egg, cheese, flour/breadcrumbs to make a soft dough which is usually stuffed with a herb/ricotta filling to make dumplings. These are then boiled to perfection and served with a creamy soup or a sauce. You can also add other proteins such as shellfish, fish, chopped chicken breasts, tempeh, etc., to suit your diet.

It is important to note that when it comes to making homemade Italian pasta, experience is the best teacher. So while you have this time in quarantine, why not learn to make dishes such as pasta?

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