Italy is famous for its contribution to the fashion industry, its touristic sites, the opera, its iconic painters but most importantly, its cuisine. Italian cuisine is probably one of the best in the world as evidenced by the significant number of Italian restaurants in almost all regions of the globe.

Some time ago, dining in a restaurant used to be mostly reserved for special occasions such as anniversaries, meetings, dates etc. But today’s increasingly busy schedules have pushed more people to include restaurant dining into their lifestyle. But why should you give special consideration to Italian cuisine and what makes it so special?

1. Simplicity

Italian dishes are quite simple to make, yet very fulfilling. The ingredients used for most of the dishes are also quite accessible as opposed to other cuisines. Once the preparation is done right, the result is a beautifully-looking and delicious meal.

2. Healthy

Your food must be quite healthy if you have the second oldest population in the world. This could also explain why you feel so good after eating in an Italian restaurant. Traditional Italian dishes consist of healthy ingredients such as tomatoes, mushrooms, olive oil, garlic etc. You know what to do if you want to feel your best and live long.

3. Delicious and affordable

Italian cuisine is just so delicious. Once you have a taste, you can’t stop coming back for more. The quality of the ingredients used contributes to making a mouthwatering dish. The good news is that it is also affordable since its ingredients and spices are common.

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