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Casa Tua is the Italian Bar born in Camden Road, "a hidden gem" where people will feel at home! Friendly environment, real Italian food and tasty Italian products are all part of the Casa Tua welcome... You know what Italians are like. We really are passionate about homemade food like mamma used to make, good wine, great coffees and a top-notch menu deliciously and lovingly prepared by our talented Chefs, using the best ingredients from Italy. Artisanal, Passionate, Fresh, Quality, Homely are all words that form the basis of our ethos. Hand-turned pasta and splendid wines are a must, as well as the finest ingredients for everything that is created by our team. It's all hand picked by your host Giuseppe, who makes a mean Aperol Spritz as well.

We are open for breakfast, brunch and lunch, from Tuesday to Sunday. We stay open for dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, serving a menu of sharing plates from all over Italy. Like all great Italian institutions, It’s "Lunedí chiuso”- we are closed on Mondays. As our name suggests, our home is your home. We look forward to welcoming you for a bit of "La Dolce Vita” very soon.

« The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. »
[Helen Keller]



A blend expressing the creaminess and the full-bodied flavour of real Italian coffee; its aroma is bold and irresistible with distinct notes of caramel. A bowl of creamy, comforting rolled oats, with sliced banana, dried cranberries, mixed seeds and honey. Freshly baked croissants, plain or with Emmental cheese and Parma ham folded in and grilled. Casa Tua also offers the Italian breakfast cornetto e espresso, or a homemade slice of cake with a cappuccino. Fresh fruit and vegetables delivered each morning, hand peeled and juiced — no big juicing machine, no additives, just a pure boost of vitamins and flavours.

Brunches aren’t part of Italian culture, so what we wanted to do at Casa Tua is put our stamp on it. Working with different ingredients served in different combinations, beautifully presented. The yellow homemade Hollandaise sauce pureed gently on the poached eggs contrasts with the green of the refreshing wild rocket on the side, dotted with the red of the cherry tomatoes, with an added dash of protein and fiber from the mixed seeds on top. Our brunches are made using British free range eggs, fresh seasonal greens, Altamura Italian bread and homemade Hollandaise sauce.

The Casa Tua lunch menu is simple, fresh, quality food, served quickly. Indulge in the vivid colours and authentic flavours of our Italian appetizers, made with the simplest ingredients on the market. Our antipasti reflect our roots and remind us of home, where snacking on bruschetta or having a good slice of salami was our afternoon treat. Spaghetti alla carbonara, spaghetti al tonno, fusilli ai quattro formaggi are just few of the traditional paste we serve at Casa Tua.

Casa Tua is your home away from home and we like to treat our clients like friends, serving what we ourselves like when dining out. Our menu of small appetisers is creative, dynamic, and passionate, a part of our effort to create the dining experience we want our clients to have. Using seasonal ingredients and products imported weekly from Italy, we create a menu of simple and good quality food to share, with authentic Italian recipes brought to life by Francesco, our Chef. La gastronomia di Casa Tua is a great way to experience an Italian context from an informal aperitif with nibbles like Mediterranean flavoured Pittule from Puglia or cheesy polenta served with gorgonzola, melanzane alla parmigiana or polipo grigliato.

At nightfall, we dim the lights, light the candles, and start playing our favourite tunes on our vintage record player. Casa Tua offers a selected list of cocktails, all carefully designed by Giuseppe, who has been a mixologist since 2012 The Casa Tua Spritz is our cavallo di battaglia, our showpiece: it's refreshing, not too strong, bitter-sweet like Campari. Or you can let Giuseppe surprise you with the flavours of the Casa Tua Martini, Tequila in Love, or Americano Sbagliato.

Casa Tua offers a small list of wines, curated by Giuseppe. All our wines are organic and authentic, produced on small Italian farms by connoisseurs.


« It's a wonderful place, it seems to be very much at home. The kitchen is really Italian.
Spritz has a flavor unlike any other. You have to stop and try it. »
[Vittorio e Antonella]



Casa Tua is the right place where we customise on your request, beautiful and authentic private events and much more.

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